The 7 Best Free Soft Synth VST Plugins

Soft synths are good for everything on your tracks: massive wall rattling lines, sneaky ambient chimes, or warm chords that lay you down for a tender sonic nap.

But though they may sound good, analogue synths are usually big, breakable and bank-bustingly expensive.

No worries. Just download these free VSTs, throw ’em in your DAW software and transport yourself away to synth heaven.

Here’s the 7 best free synth VST plugins around.

1. Dexed – FM Plugin Synth

Dexed is a superb frequency modulation synth. It’s closely modelled after the iconic Yamaha DX7.

The 6 operators are all easily modded on the simple to follow interface.

Perfect for making that blissed out synth voice you’ve been daydreaming about.


Download it here for free.

2. Helix

The download of Helix is a ‘trial’ but it’s basically fully functional.

The trial version sometimes generates some unwanted noise, or floats out of tune, but it’s still a free and powerful tool every synth lover should have.


The download page for Helix tells you that it gives you ‘Soaring leads, solid basses and glimmering pads.’

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Fire this beast up for some rewarding tweaking today.

Download it here for free

3. Combo Model F

Sometimes the secret ingredient to a banging track is the organ in your grandma’s basement.

Combo Model F is perfect for those times, and all the other times you need a fun little organ sound.

Take it for a rip and never look back.


Download it here for free

4. Tal-Bassline

This sleek unit will give you the big beefy bass you need.

TAL-Bassline gives you all those acid-twinged basslines you hear everywhere these days. Perfect for Trap, EDM or any other big bass needs you might have.


Use TAL-Bassline on your tracks for all your trunk thumping needs.

Download it here for free


SYNTH1 is hosted on Geocities Japan. So get ready to take a walk down memory lane.

The download page is in Japanese so make sure you have a translator handy if you don’t speak Japanese.

But the VST itself provides the universal language of good synth sounds! So make it yours.


Download it here for free

6. Tunefish 4

No, not Tunafish. TUNEfish.

Tunefish 4 is a versatile free vst synth that can create just about anything: pads, leads, bass or any other tasty sound your track needs.

Think of it like your very own synthesizer swiss army knife. It has something for pretty much every synth situation.


Download it here for free

7. Muon Tau Bassline

The Muon Tau Bassline is modelled after the Roland 303.

This small but powerful VST synth gives you that sweet sweet 303 bass we all know and love.

Put it in your DAW and reap all the bass benefits from one of the most iconic pieces of analog gear known to music.


Download it here for free

Synth by Synth

Every music creator deserves and needs a good synth session every now and then.

So put these in your DAW and tweak, mod and record until you’ve scratched that synth itch we all get from time-to-time.

And let us know what your favourite free Synth plugins are.



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