End Train released “Natural Technology” with remix by Byetone on Metempsychosis Records

End Train released  “Natural Technology” with remix by Byetone on  Metempsychosis Records.

Full stream of Byetone’s remix of “Natural Technology,” taken from End Train’s forthcoming EP on Metempsychosis Records, out February 6.

The fifth release of  THEOTHERSIDE, digital-only series by Metempsychosis Records, presents a single by End Train with a redefined mix by Byetone plus an extra mix by End Train himself.

Our bodies are an advanced machine that evolved over the course of hundreds of thousands of years. With technology and human life so closely related today, we can now think of the former as an extension of the latter.

Our limits in connections can be truly diminished by such symbiosis. Despite immense possible drawbacks of addiction to technology, It is upon us to make good use of the tools we have access to.

Can you see the connection with THEOTHERSIDE of technology?

released February 7, 2020

Artwork by: Le.BLUE, www.leblue.net, Instagram @le__blue
Mastered by: Sam KDC
Distributed by: Triple Vision
Published by: Metempsychosis Records
All rights reserved Voluntas Music LTD 2020, London, UK
Written and Produced by End Train, Byetone (Olaf Bender)



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