Ida Engberg: “We Should Not Glorify Raprists”

The Swedish artist spoke out following tributes made to Erick Morillo

Ida Engberg has posted a message on Instagram about sexual harassment and assault in the music industry and the need to hold perpetrators to account.

The Swedish artist made the comments in the wake of the death of Erick Morillo and the tributes that have since been paid to the DJ.

She wrote: “Our dance music community should not be brushing the behavior of [Erick] Morillo under the carpet. We owe it to all women of our generation and to generations to come. We should not glorify rapists. Sickening to see how star struck our community is. Shame on us.”

Morillo was arrested on charges of sexual battery on a woman last month following an incident at his home in Miami Beach last December. He handed himself into the police after a rape kit tested positive for his DNA.

Ida Engberg added: “After a long late night discussion in Jamie Jones comment field yesterday I feel that this needed to be said out loud and clear – no means no and rape is rape”.

Jamie Jones is one artist who paid tribute to Morillo after his death last week, writing on Instagram: “Of course Erick was not perfect, and I can’t judge anyone on things I know very little about. The things I do know for certainty is that @erickmorillo was a kind hearted and humble human, who was forever welcoming and generous, and whose passion for music was as strong as I’ve seen in any one. He inspired me over the years and nobody can deny that he has left a musical legacy that will last way beyond his time in this life. He was a true legend, and a dear friend. RIP brother.”

Last Friday, September 4, the Welsh artist followed that up with a second post apologising “to anyone who was offended by my post in remembrance of Erick Morillo”.

He wrote: “I can only imagine how much courage it takes to come forward and speak out when you have been sexually assaulted or abused in any way. That is why I want to apologise to anyone who was offended by my post in remembrance of Erick Morillo. My words were truly mean to share the Erick I had personally known over the ear, and although I know very little about the case against him, the last thing I wanted to do was make light or normalise the very very serious charges he was facing. I acknowledge that I was wrong to be insensitive of the situation as a whole and for that I’m sorry.”




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