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James Ruskin and Mark Broom reveal third album as The Fear Ratio

The IDM and ambient-leaning They Can’t Be Saved LP is out on Skam in March.

James Ruskin and Mark Broom are releasing a new album under the name The Fear Ratio.

They Can’t Be Saved continues the UK duo’s exploration of IDM, leftfield and experimental sounds, ranging from breakbeat to ambient to hip-hop to techno and more. This is their third album under the name, following 2015’s Refuge Of A Twisted Soul and 2011’s debut LP Lightbox. It’ll come via Skam on March 13th.

Listen to “Sender.”

01. Sender
02. Exile
03. Grey Code
04. Small World
05. The Invisible Girl
06. The Curse
07. LM3
08. Captive
09. Game Plan
10. The Final Vision
11. BY3
12. A406

Skam will release They Can’t Be Saved on March 13th, 2020.

Label: Skam



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