Mike Vainio
Mike Vainio

Mika Vainio’s Final Live Set Is Out Now

The late legend’s last show took place at Cave12 in Geneva nearly four years ago.

The final live set from the late Finnish legend Mika Vainio has been released. Split into four movements, Last Live was recorded at Cave12 in Geneva on February 2nd, 2017, just two months before Vainio died. Carl Michael von Hausswolff (mixing), Stephen O’Malley (pre-editing) and Denis Blackham (mastering) helped put together the release, which is out now through Cave12 and Editions Mego. Listen to snippets of the first three movements, and revisit our retrospective of Vainio’s work.

01. Movement 1
02. Movement 2
03. Movement 3
04. Movement 4
Last Live is out now on Cave12 and Editions Mego.
Label: Editions Mego



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