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Liss Casaro, better known as LISS C. , is a dj and producer with along way behind the decks and productions. Started on techno scene more 10 years ago. Always about techno, Liss C. started to make music 8 years ago,trying to show his personal way of techno, focused on the norht of Europe scene move forwars his productions on labels such as,Wall Music, Software Records, 030, Blind Spot, Att to name a few. His productions and his sets full of energy gave him the opportunity to play around Europe and clubs like, Tresor (DE). On 2009 Liss C. creates his firt label LGM ,more deep sounds. 2011 launch LCR where his finally find the way to show all his potential,adding great artist on the label, It’s when he decided to move to Berlin;, then another project come up, LC SERIES only vinyl on 2012 his alma matter.
On LC Series will only release his own tracks plus remixers that had influenced Liss C. during all this years, like Oscar Mulero or Sleeparchive.
2014 is the year that he finally comes back to Spain, after long time outside getting Influences from London to Berlin he decide once more again do another project,give a oportunity to LCRW, vinyl version of LCR giving the oportunity to the artist that has collaborated with his label early. That’s why first reference with Unam Zetineb,Ben Gibson and Liss C. made the first vinyl, was sold out so fast, same on the second reference that even Laurent Garnier demands a copy of the gems to put it on his radio show.

He continues to push his own labels, doing his 5 anniversary of LCR this year with a special edition with artist that has been involved during this 5 years. During this 2016,we will discover the new vinyl by Liss C. on Lcr, plus some more tracks and remixes that will come in vinyl after summer time.



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